Along with the challenges of expanding our development centers, we are delighted to announce the opening of a new office right in the very heart of Bitola to better meet the demand of our growing customer base.

Our new offices satisfy all requirements of a functional modern working space with strong security and surveillance, offering a pleasant place to work and advance. The floor has separate offices, meeting room, cafeteria lounge and resting corner. We ensured that everything brought into the office from knowledge sharing, work methodology to office design reflects our mission and values and allows us to serve our clients in the most efficient manner.

The IT sector in Bitola has a huge potential as a result of the excellent technical education system and the high talented students who graduate each year. There is an ongoing collaboration between Axeltra and the Technical Faculty in Bitola through our internship programs. With this investment, Axeltra expects to contribute to the employment of the educated youth in the region, to transfer its proven expertise, methodologies of work and to create top-notch teams ready to face the challenges imposed by the international IT market.

We continue to grow our teams and this new office space in Bitola is just a part of our long-term growth strategy.