Mobile Code App Event

Axeltra is an active supporter of events that unite people to share experiences and ideas, to socialize, and to learn. As a Golden Sponsor, Axeltra was one of the sponsors for the mobile workshop “Code Up, Level Up” organized by EESTEC LC in Skopje, Macedonia. EESTEC LC organizes international events that offer students a new approach to learning and improving their skills.

CALU is a workshop on developing mobile applications. International and local IT students were teamed up to participate in courses and work exercises taught by professors and IT professionals. After a week of training, students had an opportunity to implement their new knowledge in practical work, a real coded application.

With more than seven years of experience in offering mobile solutions to clients from diverse domains, Axeltra was able to provide two experienced developers in the keynote sessions who shared their knowledge, presenting the most recent developments and innovations in the mobile industry.
This was a unique opportunity for students to increase their knowledge, meet professionals, and exchange ideas. Aiming to boost innovation and inspiration among the students, Axeltra invited the best students to join the mobile development team.