axeltra award

Axeltra received a national award for implementing Best Practices for Employees in 2013.

The granting of this award and the project of which it is a part was organized by the National Coordinating Body on Corporate Social Responsibility, which is co-financed by the European Union and implemented by the Ministry of Economy in partnership with the Business Confederation of Macedonia.

The purpose of these awards for corporate social responsibility is to promote positive practices of socially responsible activities of companies in the country and thus inspire further promotion and implementation of social responsibility.

We as a company that operates in the knowledge-intensive industry know that attracting and retaining the best employees is more important than anything else. So, we focused all our efforts to create a workplace that makes people want to work for us, a place where they are being treated fairly and being offered equal opportunities for personal and career development. From mentor and coaching strategies, flexible working practices, employee direct involvement in decision making relevant to the company’s operations and activities that improve the well-being, we succeeded in creating an environment that offers a choice and progress, as well as guaranteed continual development and career progress.

The idea of reinforcing the employee role as an individual who is in the center of the corporation activities started as a small project but as the years passed by, we were able to actually create something new and unique to our company and our employees. We succeeded in keeping our employees satisfied, productive and motivated towards the organizational commitment.

This recognition is an incentive to continue our efforts and activates in supporting and improving employee development.