A VFX studio from USA wanted to deliver a superior visual experience in the movie for their client. In time of scarcity for experienced artists with 3D effects, animation, motion design, and good knowledge in the CGI pipeline, Maya and Nuke, they considered Axeltra to be suitable partner for their needs. Axeltra not only that was able to offer experienced editors and artists with previous experience within VFX environment and understanding of 3D animation, but also offered these services at considerable lower prices while delivering the same quality as hiring these resources in the USA.


An agreement was negotiated between Axeltra and the american VFX studio where:

  • The client selected the profiles for the candidates to be interviewed
  • A flexible contract was signed allowing one month trial period with the artists and their replacement if the client wasn’t satisfied by their work
  • A production team was chosen:
    – 2 Seniors CG Artists with strong animation skills and ability to deliver full CG effects, modeling, UV layouts, texturing
    – 2 Seniors 3D Animators with knowledge in 3D Studio Max and Maya, responsible for lighting, match-moving and final rendering of the CG elements
    – 1 Intermediate MatchMove and RotoScoping Artist experienced in Nuke, Maya, 3D Equalizer, compositing and rotoscoping

An effective collaboration was established between Axelta’s team and the team in the VFX Studio. The team worked closely with the Art Director, the VFX Supervisor and the animators from the american VFX Studio to develop efficient animation pipelines and to create high quality character design, to test correctness of the visual effects, or to modify lighting as necessary.

The team worked on delivering a 3D environment that made the movie alive, creating thousands of visual effects, entirely CG photo real scenes of explosions, bombing, facial expressions, anatomical visuals, adding features and augmenting the faces of the characters while ensuring the highest level of detail in every shot, consistency and accuracy.

The project ran smoothly and the teams succeeded to stay on schedule, meeting the planned design concept and delivering the authenticity of the movie to the greatest effect.

The result

The project was finished on time and within budget and the client was very satisfied with the live action performance of the movie and the quality of work that was delivered.  A breathtaking imagery was created and thousands of CG elements and visual effects were successfully delivered. The client’s satisfaction resulted in signing a new contract with our team for the upcoming projects.