After running marathons began to be widely accepted by people, a Swiss sport agency partnered with us on developing a web-based solution for tracking marathon runners.
Axeltra’s development team has a long experience in developing solutions for sport agencies. They saw a suitable partner that has a deep understanding in the field and possesses the ability to deliver high quality and feature-rich application rapidly to the market.


The client wanted to deliver a modern and user-friendly web-based solution that will not only serve its intended purpose but to also motivate people to go out and have fun during their running and competing. They hired 2 Senior .NET developers and 1 Business Analyst. With a proven experience in building tracking applications, the team worked on developing the required solution, taking into consideration the user interface specifications and all the necessary validations.
The application was built using .NET technology through which we ensured functional and easy and intuitive navigation with a design that enhances the user experience which is at the same time simple and enjoyable. Web Services were used for user data actions, exploring routes for running, and statistics.

Marathon tracking’s features:

  • View the race calendar for all marathons scheduled upfront with given routes
  • Register for an upcoming marathon and select a running route
  • Runners tracking and live unofficial results available during the race
  • Explore routes for all marathons
  • Compare statistics about total time and distance for all runners
  • View insights about average speed, in which period runner speed is faster – comparing intervals between start and finish
  • Searchable race results
  • Top Finishers results

The result

  • Fun for people during running
  • Ensuring a challenged run and increased market brand awareness for the marathon organizer