Rant is a leading digital agency. Founded in 1999 in the UK, it currently also has offices in Brazil, China, and Switzerland. Rant is focused on providing solutions for digital commerce, digital marketing, mobile commerce, social media, and digital consultancy. It delivers outstanding award-winning solutions for digital commerce and engagement, helping clients to connect with their customers in the digital world. Rant services global leaders such as Arcadia Group, MTV, Topshop, Swatch, Burton, Universal, Wallis, and Dorothy Perkins.

Project details

  • Client Rant
  • Date January 7, 2013
  • Techn iOS/Android
  • Team 4


As the demand for digital solutions grew, Rant had to contend with the huge demand for qualified mobile experts. They realized it would be difficult and costly for them to recruit and train new IT specialists in-house. Their project development had severe time constraints and they were contending with backlogs due to the lack of skilled resources.
To supplement in-house development, they needed a team that was cost-effective yet of the highest quality, a team possessing cutting-edge skills and capable of supporting ongoing mobile application development, a team committed to work.
Rant’s desired outcome was a long-term partner with a deep understanding of how work was done from a UK perspective who also possessed the ability to support further development on feature-rich iOS and Android applications.


Rant was surprised to find that we could recruit precisely the skilled talent they needed at zero cost. After reviewing our services, they chose to set up a dedicated team with us because we were able to offer them an immediate supply of highly qualified resources, low prices, and a flexible, transparent contract agreement. Our expertise and experience in developing mobile applications and our familiarity with new technologies made us the ideal partner.

We negotiated an agreement where:

  1. There were zero initial investment costs for setting up the team
  2. The recruitment of team members was completed within ten days
  3. Interviews with the direct managers from Rant were performed via Skype video conferencing
  4. We provided two senior developers for the iOS platform with three years’ experience in developing iPhone and iPad mobile solutions
  5. We provided one senior developer for the Android platform with three years’ experience
  6. We provided one QA analyst specifically trained for mobile deployment quality assurance who was selected to be the team lead
  7. All project management work was handled by the PMs at their site, reducing risks and eliminating progress concerns
  8. Scrum training and coaching was provided by Rant
  9. The flexible contract included a one month trial period to evaluate team members
  10. The flexible contract allowed them to replace team members


    • Rant managed and worked with the team, providing knowledge transfer and guidance
    • During a one week stay at the client’s site, the team learned agile with scrum processes, accelerating the evolution of the entire project
    • Rant was able to absorb the uptick in business volume without any additional costs for infrastructure or training in mobile development
    • The advantage of working with an experienced mobile team allowed them to bring a quality solution to market rapidly and efficiently and to enjoy a high return on investment
    • Due to parallel development and testing on functionalities and changes, all issues were resolved as they occurred rapidly and efficiently
    • Solutions were delivered according to agreed deadlines
    • Our agile and transparent relationship with Rant proved once again that our delivery model really does guarantee full cost-effectiveness and operational excellence in reaching business objectives
    • The mobile team is now fully operational and currently develops new mobile applications, with an application release anticipated within just a few weeks