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SEVE is the only energy supplier in the Faroe Islands. As the sole source of energy, SEVE needs to ensure that the energy production for the island is both sustainable and efficient. Their solution is to use hydropower and wind power to produce 45% of the required energy. SEVE has exclusive rights to produce hydroelectricity, and it operates nine large and seven smaller hydroelectric plants. Obviously, a critical aspect of efficient energy output is accurately measuring all processes. In 2010, we collaborated with SEVE to deliver a solution enabling them to monitor and measure the production of energy from all power plants. In 2012, in a move intended to increase customer confidence, they decided to further refine their tracking of energy usage.

Project details

  • SEV, Faroe Islands, Denmark

  • 2010

  • PHP, ExtJS, iOS/Android

  • 8 developers, 3 QA


SEVE wanted to provide more data to their customers about energy usage. Previously,
the only information the customers received about their energy consumption was the total amount due in their monthly bill. SEVE wanted its customers to have more detailed information, including a breakdown of energy usage by time period.

Axeltra’s development focus was to provide:

Axeltra’s team, consisting of business analysts, developers, and architects, evaluated the requirements and proposed a solution for the design, data modeling, and functionality of the system, including flexibility for future modifications/upgrades and expansion to the platforms of handheld devices. The main idea was to create an online system capable of measuring consumed energy and presenting the data in real time.

Background facts

  • Solutions to SEVE for achieving full transparency in billing, satisfying government regulations

  • Reporting and data entry tools for a more precise breakdown of costs for electricity production


The web energy consumption solution was adapted for mobile platform:The web system that measures the production of energy from all power plants was adapted for mobile platform:

  • SEVE mobile FAM operating on iOS/Android platform – A statistical representation of data for electricity consumption with the ability to track usage and cost by time period
  • iPad application that connects with SEVE’s internal system–Includes the ability to enter electricity production data in offline mode which will be synchronized with the database server once the Internet is available

Strategy implemented

  • The graphical representation of data through charts

  • Report generation

  • Information about energy consumption selectable by days or date ranges

  • The comparison of energy consumption over different time periods


  • Increased public confidence in SEVE’s services

  • Increased customer trust and satisfaction–end users and companies have information available for their energy consumption

  • Flexible and easy to use web system/mobile applications

  • Full transparency in making data available in real time to customers

  • Helps customers to better understand electricity costs and save money by planning energy consumption

Axeltra adds value
By using Axeltra’s services we were able to form a cohesive and productive software development team that operates flawlessly with our onsite developers.
Patrik Eriksson
Founder / Intelliplan, Sweden

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