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Tech is a leading German digital marketing agency serving Fortune 500 companies in the areas of digital interactive platforms/e-commerce, marketing, and brand management. They have been in business for fifteen years and currently have branches in Germany, the UK, Austria, and Switzerland.
For the past year, Axeltra has provided this client with on-demand resources from our location in Macedonia, ensuring that the client’s staffing needs are always met.

Project details

  • Tech, Germany

  • 2019

  • Hybris, AdobeCQ5

  • 6 developers, 1 QA


As a Hybris premium partner, the company was confronted with an explosion in demand for Hybris projects. Hybris is an enterprise technology, and it is practically impossible to find knowledgeable developers. The client had successfully implemented multi-channel commerce solutions and desperately needed a team to support further projects. Even Hybris training is a costly and risky venture due to the difficulty in finding qualified personnel. It was important to find a sustainable and cost-effective solution to the personnel problem that wouldn’t be financially crippling for the client.

Background facts

  • Hire a team of qualified developers

  • Delivery of a cost-effective solution

  • Onboard new Hybris developers


An agreement was negotiated where:

  • No infrastructure fees would apply for time spent training

  • The flexibility of the contract allowed the client to replace team members

  • Candidate profiles were carefully defined based on the client’s previous experience with Hybris

  • A comprehensive recruitment procedure was launched for the following team configuration:

    • Team lead with at least eight years of experience and three years as a team lead with extensive knowledge of agile project management techniques
    • Two senior developers experienced in Java who would be trained in Hybris
    • One QA analyst to be specifically trained for Hybris deployment quality assurance
  • The interview process, consisting of more than twenty interviews, was mostly conducted in Macedonia, with supplemental interviewing done via video conferencing

  • Salary negotiation and contracting was done by Axeltra on behalf of the client


The team started working thirty days after completion of the interviews and successful Hybris and Adobe CQ5 training.

  • The initial learning curve was shortened by working on-site with experienced Hybris specialists

  • All team members became certified Hybris developers

  • The first project was completed on time from our location in Macedonia within the estimated budget and time frame

  • The team has since grown to seven members as the most experienced team members gained sufficient expertise to train newer employees

SAP Hybris delivered by remote team
By working with Axeltra we were able to deliver mega projects in niche technologies, effectively on time and within the set cost parameters.
Ralf Nieman
CTO / Publicis Pixelpark, Germany

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