Based in Israel, our client builds a full-scale construction brain: an end-to-end solution that connects the dots
along the entire construction process, bringing advanced artificial vision to the sector. The platform captures execution progress for every element on every wall, and analyzes it to generate real-time schedule, quality & budget insights. We develop breakthrough computer vision technology to match and greatly exceed human capabilities in inspection and analysis of the construction process, bringing true innovation and value to the industry. The solution is used by leading real estate developers and general contractors worldwide to reduce costly rework, mitigate risks and focus on business growth.



Software Development

Client Country



We’re looking for you, our go-to person to support our development team as well as the
operations team in our day to day work. That includes taking full hands-on ownership of our
setup processes, deployments, and being the first line in supporting issues & bugs found by
system usage.

  • Tasks in scope include (but not limited to ;) ):
  • Anything Amazon related: permissions, definitions etc.
  • Administration and organization of the different tools we use, including G Suite, monday,
    slack, Git and more
  • Project creation & setup, including data exploration and data changes where required
  • Exploring reported bugs and problems, using debugging capabilities such as
    ○ Query the DB
    ○ Compare data
    ○ Track bugs through logs
  • Tracking of app versions, OS versions on phones, cameras software versions
  • Versions deployment ownership
  • Continuous delivery
  • Generate reports (analytics, for operations / product purposes)
  • Integration with hubspot
  • Anything related to tools and data
    • 5+ years of relevant professional experience;
    • Strong experience in Java, Spring, Hibernate, Maven;
    • Working in team;
    • Excellent English language skills – written and spoken.

Do you have what it takes?

  • Basic automation / dev capabilities
  • Understanding of development methodologies
  • Worked with Amazon services
  • Familiarity with SQL
  • Technical knowledge of software systems
  • Ability to adapt to various technologies and tools, research how to use them and take full
    ownership of it
  • Can do approach
  • Details oriented
  • Dedicated and team player

Not a must but a great advantage

  • QA experience / state of mind
  • Devops experience
  • Analytical skills – translate questions and requests for analysis into smart queries and
    share the results

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