Technology and Business Consulting

Axeltra offers you cost-effective consultations on how to develop, understand, and use information technology to improve business efficiency.

Nearshore Software Consulting and Prototyping

Axeltra offers you cost-effective consultations on how to develop, understand, and use information technology to improve business efficiency.

Stay up-to-date, outpace competition

Business and technology know-how

Technological advancements are changing every aspect of the business environment at a blistering pace. If companies want to outpace the competition, they need to stay up-to-date on the latest technology. They need to be nimble to compete successfully.

We are experts in real-life solutions tailor-made for your situation. Axeltra can help you evaluate and put into practice your business ideas at any stage, from early business models to improvements and extensions of existing systems.


Improve your productivity

Build sustainable business

With our flexible and transparent approach to problem-solving and our diverse experience, our technology expertise and business knowledge can help you achieve higher productivity and efficiency. We know that every client is different, and we work collaboratively to define the project. We want to understand your goals and deliver the perfect solution, every time.

Our core strategy is to continuously deliver value to you. We achieve this by doing whatever is required to ensure that the use of our technology is effective and that your business objectives are achieved.

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Nearshore Technology Consulting

Allow our team of experts to research and suggest a solution that will guarantee scalability and the fulfillment of your goals. We offer you our unmatched experience and know-how!

Minimize risk with low cost-fast delivery prototypes

Rapid Software Prototyping and pilot project development

It is generally accepted that when it comes to developing software applications anything is possible and that the software developers are only limited by the client’s imagination. However, sometimes an idea simply cannot be put into practice as conceived. In some cases, this is obvious immediately. In others, qualitative measurements of the system requirements are necessary. These measurements are typically obtained through pilot projects targeting a limited area of the intended solution. If the results of this testing are satisfactory, the client can determine if they want to proceed with the full solution.

We guide you through the entire process

Delivering ideal software solutions

We’ll assist you in designing your architecture and make you a road map for implementation. Whether you are interested in adding functionality to your existing system or developing a new solution from scratch, we’ll work with you to give you a complete understanding of the ideal solution. We always address your business requirements and deliver the maximum return on your investment.

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Nearshore Business Consulting

What is the right solution for you? Is it a dedicated team or a complete project? Let us help you with any needs that you might have. We’ll not only give you our opinion–we’ll deliver!

Maximize returns, increase efficiency

Expert IT business consulting

Axeltra provides professional business consulting services that will improve your business and maximize the return on your investment.
Our strong relationships with leading technology companies give us the ability to offer innovative and efficient solutions. We offer the methodologies that have been proven to meet current and future business challenges.

Insight into your domain knowledge

Best practices consulting

Business requirements can often be complex and costly–very often more complex and costly than necessary. We can help. We offer business analysis that includes a close inspection of business requirements, assisting you to understand the cost/benefit trade-off. We can often propose alternative, less costly approaches that can still fulfill your needs through technology consulting best practices.

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Value added proposition

We analyze your business needs in order to identify the value of each IT solution and tailor our advice to deliver real business value. Our approach is designed to efficiently manage your development project, ensuring that it successfully delivers the planned benefits, on time and within budget, as economically as possible. Our business consulting approach is focused on helping you to:

  • Optimize cost savings while increasing business value

  • Leverage technologies effectively

  • Align business objectives with IT

  • Take advantage of new solutions to achieve efficiency and profitability

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