Full Software Project Outsourcing

As either a supplement to our Client Exclusive Team or as a separate offering entirely, we offer classic full-project outsourcing services based on time and material or fixed price. Blending technical know-how and a unique mix of technologies, we work with you to design, develop, deploy, and maintain software solutions. We provide a full range of services, helping you to accomplish your software development needs through a complex and thorough quality process that combines proven project management techniques with the latest in state-of-the-art software development.

We offer a unique blend of competence in consultancy, project management, choice of technology, and development tools, enabling us to support your needs throughout the entire project life cycle.

Axeltra’s development practices truly reflect our mission and values, and our mission and values make us the best at what we do. We, as a company, transform the way software is delivered. We embrace challenges and constantly strive to improve our technical skills. Axeltra is known for helping turn ideas into profits by listening and working closely with you and by adhering to agile development theories.

Embedded in our service model is a suite of best practices that ensures we avoid the risks related to outsourcing. Our best practices also prevent changes in direction that result in additional overhead for you. Our outsourcing services combine best-development methodologies and frameworks with global delivery, a collaborative partnership model, and constant dedication to improvement.

The secret of our success in project development is the fact that Axeltra’s management has come to terms with the reality of the application development processes: that project requirements change and it’s impossible to define them at the beginning of the project with absolute exactitude. We have therefore embraced development processes that help us deliver the final product that you really want. By working with you on a constant basis, we’re able to eliminate unnecessary functions while enhancing and improving those that are crucial for the application.

Axeltra’s outsourcing services offer a state-of-the-art value proposition:

  • Risk-free outsourcing: Flexible services that are on time and on budget, fully compliant with all legal regulations, economically priced, and professionally delivered
  • Business value: Competitive pricing, constant adjustments throughout development to changes without missing out on new opportunities, and delivery of a completed project of exceptional quality 
  • Operational efficiency: Scalability of resources through all aspects of the development life cycle
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