Software Project Outsourcing

We work with you to design, develop, deploy, and maintain software solutions by blending technical know-how and a unique mix of technologies to empower your business.

Solutions Tailored For Your Business Success

We help turn business ideas into profits by working closely with our clients while adhering to agile software development theories.

Best practices implemented

Our nearshore service delivery model

Embedded in our software delivery service model is a suite of best practices that ensures we avoid most of the risks related to software outsourcing. Our best practices in nearshore software development outsourcing also prevent changes in direction that result in additional overhead for you. Our software outsourcing services combine best-development methodologies and frameworks with global delivery, a collaborative partnership model and constant dedication to improvement.

Risk-free Software Outsourcing

Flexible services that are on time and on budget, fully compliant with all legal regulations, economically priced and professionally delivered

Nearshore Business value

Competitive pricing, constant adjustments throughout development to changes without missing out on new opportunities, and delivery of a completed project of exceptional quality

Operational efficiency

Scalability of software developer resources through all aspects of the software development life cycle


The Software Development Process

We provide a full range of nearshore development services, helping you to accomplish your software development needs through a complex and thorough quality process that combines proven project management techniques with the latest in state-of-the-art software development.

Software Requirement Analysis

We will listen to your business needs, identify problems, understand the challenge and trace our path to towards the results by involving all the stakeholders: the clients, vendors, experts, and the software developers.

Software Project Planning

Our business analysts will define a Software Requirement Specification (SRS) that determines the cost or the man-hours required to build the solutions. The reality of the application development processes is that project requirements change and it’s impossible to define them at the beginning of the project with absolute exactitude. We have therefore embraced development processes that help us deliver the final product that you really want. By working with you on a constant basis, we’re able to eliminate unnecessary functions while enhancing and improving those that are crucial for the application.

Software Architecture Design

At this stage our Business Analysts together with Solution Architects will create a Software Design Specification that will guide us towards the goal of delivering a fully working software application. The design specification is approved by you, the Product Owner and a contains the feedback from all of the involved parties.

Implementation of the Software Solution

This is by far the easiest part of the process provided that the previous three stages were thoroughly executed. In this stage we write the code based on the Software Technical Specification and you the Product Owner is involved by overseeing as the first functional chunks of the application are delivered.

Software Application Testing & Integration

The testing is done by an independent QA team at Axeltra and based on the nature of the software development project we use manual or automatic tests or in some instances a combination of both. Different Quality Assurance techniques are used on different stages of the software development process and any detected issues are resolved until the final product meets the agreed specification. Arriving at the Implementation stage means that all functions work properly and that you, the client, has signed of on all the delivered features. The deployment of the working software application is done typically on the cloud or deployed on the clients infrastructure.

Software Support & Maintenance

Our work does not have to end when we complete your project. We are here for you to support you as long as you require to advance your software solution and to keep it up to date and in line with your business goals.

Our Software Development Specialties


Web application development is at the core of every software development project we deliver. Our main focus is on usability, compatibility and security of the web applications.

  • Content Management Systems using WordPress, Adobe Experience Manager and Sitecore.

  • eCommerce platforms: SAP Hybris, Magento and WooCommerce (WordPress)

  • Custom web application design and development

  • Integrations with Social and Marketing Applications

Enterprise Applications

From Oracle and Microsoft CRM, SharePoint and Navision projects to developing Desktop and Embedded software applications with C++.

  • High Performing responsive and stable
  • Scalalable multitier systems

  • Enterprise system Implementation principles

Mobile Application Development

We deliver the latest in the state-of-art for the native mobile app software as well the latest cross-platform applications.

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Cross-Platform Application development with Xamarin, PhoneGap and Appcelerator


We design client-focused, responsive and intuitive experiences centering on the ease of use and innovation to achieve tangible results.

  • Interface design

  • Visual prototype development

  • IOT, Augmented Reality, Web and Mobile interfaces design

Embedded Application Development

We design client-focused, responsive and intuitive experiences centering on the ease of use and innovation to achieve tangible results.

  • Interface design

  • Visual prototype development

  • IOT, Augmented Reality, Web and Mobile interfaces design

Blockchain Technology Development

We help our clients build secure, trusted and decentralized applications using Blockchain technology.

  • Public and Private Blockchain development

  • Blockchain Tool development

Our Development Technologies

We offer a unique blend of competence in consultancy, project management, choice of technology, and development tools, enabling us to support your needs throughout the entire software project life cycle.

Programing Languages
SAP Hybris
Entperprise Software
MS Dynamics
MS Sharepoint
MS Azure
MS 360

Read what our customers are saying…

From large corporations to the most innovative startups and digital marketing agencies – our nearshore software development offices in Macedonia and Serbia handle a wide variety of clients who rely on our software outsourcing and IT Staff Augmentation services.

Ralf Nieman
CTO / Publicis Pixelpark, Germany
SAP Hybris delivered by remote team
By working with Axeltra we were able to deliver mega projects in niche technologies, effectively on time and within the set cost parameters.
Martin Häfliger
CEO / Nextron, Switzerland
A cost effective solution that provided us with great value!
Axeltra proves that Macedonia is still the most cost effective country in Eastern Europe for managing and operating a nearshore development team.
Eddy Thans
CEO / Prime Vision, The Netherlands
Cooperation spanning in years!
Axeltra have been a tremendous help. Their flexible and dedicated team have assisted Prime Group working on a variety of projects.
Patrik Eriksson
Founder / Intelliplan, Sweden
Axeltra adds value
By using Axeltra’s services we were able to form a cohesive and productive software development team that operates flawlessly with our onsite developers.
Georg Doppler-Popovic
CEO / LogicX, Austria
Georg Doppler-Popovic
Cooperating with Axeltra has proved to be one the easiest and the most cost effective software development outsourcing models we have tried.

Client Exclusive Team

Hire Software Developers or any other technical employees. By forming a dedicated team you outsource only the non-essential tasks such as administration and infrastructure while retaining your core competence in-house. We offer dedicated team formation through our nearshore delivery centers in Serbia and Macedonia.

Client Exclusive Team

Testing & Quality Assurance Outsourcing

Strengthen your software products and services by using our experts testing and quality assurance. We offer dedicated and on - demand QA Engineers and provide true value by applying best practice approach for a full QA cycle implementation for manual and automated testing processes.

Testing & QA Outsourcing

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