Software Development Outsourcing to Eastern Europe

Software Development Outsourcing to Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is rapidly developing into the most favorable outsourcing destination. Due to the growing pool of talented IT resources, the region has become the instant choice for many Western European companies. When we talk about outsourcing to Eastern Europe, we precisely mean outsourcing to: Macedonia, Serbia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina as the most promising outsourcing countries.

The determinant key drivers for outsourcing to Eastern Europe are: highly skilled and certified workforce, excellent technical expertise, cultural affinity and no language barrier, lower prices, geographical proximity to Western Europe, advantageous time zone, good flight connectivity to major European cities, favorable business conditions and EU legislation compliance.


With a Head Office in Skopje, Macedonia,  Axeltra is providing cost-competitive salaries, transparency in billing, matured and highly skilled IT resources to global clients that want to fully utilize the benefits of forming and managing dedicated teams.

  • Lowest developer prices
  • Highly qualified and trained developers
  • Fastest growing ICT market in the Adriatic region
  • EU and NATO candidate country
  • Flat corporate and personal income taxes of 10%

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Through our other small office locations in Eastern Europe, we are able to provide immediate access to a larger pool of highly skilled developers, which enables us to offer a high level of competence and flexibility for our client needs.


“Microsoft opened its 4th development center in Serbia.”

  • Low developer prices
  • More than 33% graduates come from the technical universities in Serbia
  • 1,600 IT Companies employ more than 14,000 people
  • EU and NATO candidate country
  • Corporate profit tax of 15% and personal income taxes of 10%

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Ranked as the 8th world’ friendliest country to foreigners (CNN 2013)”

  • Educated and skilled low cost IT workforce with European mindset
  • Strong technical education and international intensive online training programs
  • Potential candidate for EU membership
  • Corporate and personal income tax of 10%

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“The 5th country in world with lowest exposure to financial crisis”

  • Qualified developers and low prices
  • European culture and business similarity
  • The Moldovan Universities prepare 2000 graduates every year
  • Autonomous trade agreements with EU
  • Corporate income tax of 12% and Income tax of 7 to 18%

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“Ranked 8th in the world in 2002 by total number of ICT specialists.”

  • Low developer prices
  • Over 5000 graduates come from the IT universities
  • Ranks 2nd in the world in IQ tests
  • Member of the EU and NATO
  • Flat corporate and personal income taxes of 10%

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“The only economy in the region that did not go through a recession period”

  • Cost competitive young workforce – more than 57% of the population is under the age of 35
  • Around 116,292 students enrolled in the universities annually
  • Member of NATO
  • Corporate tax of 15% and personal tax rate from 0 to 23%

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