Software Outsourcing to Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnia and Herzegovina is expanding its position as a competitive software outsourcing location, and no wonder. It offers inexpensive IT labor rates, EU-compliant legislation, attractive tax breaks, and the lowest inflation in SEE. Bosnia and Herzegovina is often referred to as Germany’s “extended workbench.”
A well-established industrial tradition, a competitive workforce, a favorable business environment, a great geostrategic location–all these factors are encouraging many European companies to shift production to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The infrastructure for outsourcing IT solutions is well developed in Bosnia and the Bosnian workforce is highly skilled in technology. Bosnia and Herzegovina continually improves the quality of its IT education by collaborating with U.S. and European universities, encouraging student work abroad programs, and establishing partnerships with European research institutions. Moreover, Bosnia aims for even greater IT specialization, encouraging its students to take up technical degrees in software engineering, information science, and telecommunications. Many leading corporations have expanded their businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including Siemens, Microsoft, Cisco and Oracle. Bosnia competes well economically with other leading European outsourcing locations, such as Macedonia, Moldova, the Ukraine, Bulgaria and Serbia.

The IT sector has emerged as an important part of the Bosnian economy. Many students have acquired strong technical expertise and experience by working for the international corporations that have a presence in Bosnia or by participating in international projects through the student work abroad programs. Their English proficiency is at a high level and they have adopted the European mentality and the European work culture. The availability of educated and well-trained IT workers, the excellent IT infrastructure, and the inexpensive labor rates all contribute significantly to the development of Bosnia as an ideal environment for outsourcing projects.

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We adapt your team’s structure to the needs of your business. We offer a full range of outsourcing services so that you can concentrate on your project, not on distracting hiring issues:

  • Client Exclusive Team formation and management
  • Software application development
  • Mobile application development
  • Technology consulting
  • Support and maintenance
  • Project management

Our client exclusive team model is designed to best meet your requirements. You are in charge of the project development and your remote team is integrated with your company, your business culture, and your work methodology. The team works exclusively for you and retains your unique domain knowledge. You have full control over your team members’ salaries, so you can directly contribute to motivating your team. We equip you with all the necessary tools for efficient remote communication and collaboration with your team.

Our management fee covers a full range of support services for your geographically distributed team:

  • You retain full operational control over project management, budget, and product development.
  • You evaluate and select your team members.
  • You have full scalability and flexibility in replacing or expanding your team members so that your team composition always reflects your business needs.
  • We perform all initial interviews. We do the screening and present you only with the potential candidates that meet your hiring requirements based on technological expertise, experience, and methodology.
  • We take care of all administrative tasks, HR, financials, travel, security, and infrastructure. We make it easy for you to concentrate on your business, not on paperwork.

Axeltra wants to be your long-term partner. We offer you the flexibility, transparency, and responsiveness to your needs that can help your business keep growing. Contact us to learn more about how our uncompromising quality and significant cost savings can benefit your current and future projects.

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