Software Outsourcing to Moldova


Moldova is one of the least expensive nearshoring locations in Eastern Europe, making it highly competitive in the software outsourcing business. Moldova has a well-deserved reputation for the technical competence of its workforce. It provides a European mindset and cultural affinity, EU-compliant legislation, and a strong linguistic proficiency, with English, German, Russian, and often French being commonly spoken.

All this is perfect for attracting nearshore software outsourcing partners. Moreover, Moldova is conveniently located. Chisinau airport provides connections to most major cities in Western Europe, with flights averaging around 3 hours. If you’re outsourcing to Moldova, it’s easy to stay in close contact with your development team.

Approximately 2,000 IT students graduate every year from technical universities in Moldova, and most of them work in companies that offer software outsourcing services. We collaborate with the technical universities, and our experience and expertise in candidate selection and recruitment enables us to find and retain the best IT specialists in Moldova for you.

Axeltra’s business model allows the client to choose his or her own team and the employees to choose the client. We see ourselves as the managing facilitator in this relationship. Our flexible work method allows you to set up a development team that acts as an extension of your onsite IT team, adapting to your work methodologies, business practices, workplace culture, and technical environment. You have full control over the team’s performance; your team works exclusively for you and under your management. Our extensive experience in providing infrastructure, taking care of the recruitment process, and handling all administrative issues enables you to focus on your product development and simply manage and supervise your team.

We offer you the following managerial services, enabling a fully operational outsourcing delivery of service:

  1. Start-up and management support (consulting that includes best practices for establishing a dedicated team, management, and the agile method of working)
  2. Recruitment (direct candidate selection from our pool of skilled developers, pre-screening and interview coordination, the candidate’s personality and skillset assessment)
  3. Infrastructure and technical support (computer workstations, stable Internet connections, system administration, data security, communication tools)
  4. Administrative and financial services (monthly invoices, attendance worksheets, business travel coordination, support)
  5. Retention (employee performance evaluation, social and team-building events, knowledge sharing activities, and continuous training)

We understand the unique nature of each project. Our flexibility and our years of experience as an outsourcing vendor enable us to offer a suitable set of services tailored to your needs. We ensure a productive nearshore outsourcing relationship and the successful completion of your project to your complete satisfaction.

Through our development centers, we provide you with the following range of services:

  • Client Exclusive Team formation and management
  • Software application development
  • Mobile application development
  • Technology consulting
  • Support and maintenance
  • Project management

The IT market is growing at a fast pace, and we strongly believe that the software outsourcing business in Moldova will flourish. Our transparent methodologies, our low employee attrition rate, our excellent and knowledgeable professionals, and our 10 years of successful experience in delivering outsourcing projects—all this guarantees that with us you’ll have an outsourcing partner you can trust, and we can show you how to make Moldova the ideal location for your development team.

For methodology and best practices please consult the following articles:

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