IT Staff Augmentation

Axeltra provides IT Staff Augmentation services to companies requiring software development experts during temporary periods of increased demand both remotely or on-site at clients premises.

Reach the 1% Software Developer Talent

Our Staff Augmentation services are targeted at companies requiring strategic increase of of staff during peak periods in order to respond to its immediate business objectives. We allow you access to our Top 1% Talent that with a guaranteed ability deliver or rescue a software projects across diverse technology verticals. Our IT Staffing Services can deliver professionals in any branch of software development. Our staff augmentation services are available in Macedonia and Serbia.

Augment IT Staff

IT Staff Augmentation can help you:

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What are the benefits of IT Staff Augmentation?

  • There’s no long-term commitment; the contract is terminated when the required tasks have been completed.

  • You’ll know what you’re paying for, and our hourly rates are very affordable

  • Almost no paperwork–just an NDA and a one-page agreement

  • You can hire a specialist within ten days

  • Fast response–we provide you with the CVs you requests within hours or days

  • A large pool of different experts for different technologies and platforms, all available on short notice

  • Short-term and temporary needs

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Dedicated Team vs Staff Augmentation?
Which is the right model for me?

Dedicated Teams are strategic units of experts assembled on clients behalf within Axeltra. Dedicated Teams are considered to be clients asset, thus the name Client Exclusive Team, and it is meant to continue operating uninterrupted for undetermined periods during which the client invests in the dedicated teams domain knowledge and core product know-how. Dedicated Teams are considered as if they were part of the in-house core team of the client but at a remote location.

Client Exclusive Team

Through Our IT Staff Augmentation Service we provide staff on much shorter and usually strictly determined periods of times during which the expert has to perform a critical set of tasks designated by the client in order to meet certain business objectives. After the task completion the engagement period between the consultant and the client is terminated. IT Staff Augmentation is provided as a value added service to our existing Dedicated Team clients in the form of Peak Resources.

IT Staff Augmentation

Our Development Technologies

We offer a unique blend of competence in consultancy, project management, choice of technology, and development tools, enabling us to support your needs throughout the entire software project life cycle.

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SAP Hybris
Entperprise Software
MS Dynamics
MS Sharepoint
MS Azure
MS 360

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We are always on the lookout for new members of our team weather you are a Senior Software Developer or a graduate looking for his first internship.

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