Benefit from having your Exclusive Team attend our general courses.

Your remote team at Axeltra is a branch of your company, and as such we strongly encourage you to implement a corporate strategy of certifying your team members, keeping them competitive and making them major contributors to your firm for years to come.

Teams often experience challenges executing the work they are required to do when they lack sufficient knowledge. We dedicate our resources to improving the capabilities of employees and building teams that are efficient, productive, and have an enhanced ability to adapt to new changes and emerging technologies. We consider training to be an investment that will produce high returns in the future. We give every employee the tools and knowledge to work optimally, providing training in software development methodologies and development frameworks.

Axeltra organizes general seminars and training courses for employees that are free for all dedicated teams. Our training programs are intended to improve employee productivity, reduce costs, and provide added value to our customers. Participating in conferences and technical seminars allows employees to gain new technical and management skills, add to their knowledge, and handle increased workloads more efficiently.