A global client network of more than 20 international clients with over 150 skilled professionals!

We’re designed to address the challenges of small, medium-sized, and large companies that want to realize the full benefits of utilizing an exclusive team.

Our business model, pricing, and expertise enable you to employ global workers quickly, at low cost and risk, and to ultimately achieve long-term business success.

We have grown over the years, and in the process of growing, we have continuously challenged traditional business models, striving for greater efficiency, continuously improving our services, and always staying ahead of the curve. We’ve spent years studying international business cultures and employee-related compliance risks in order to provide good value, maximum efficiency, and the greatest growth potential for your business.

We’ve been in business since 2005, and we’re pleased to share the benefit of our experience with you. We pride ourselves on delivering solutions to a global network of partners in mature and emerging international markets. Our employee community of over 150 skilled professionals currently serves clients in Scandinavia, the UK, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the USA, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

We have developed deep expertise in various domains: technology, government, banking, telecommunications, research, digital agencies, media, energy, and finance.

Axeltra’s unique core offerings develop and maintain long-term partnerships

  • Our strong reputation, global presence, and expertise have earned us many satisfied clients
  • We provide world-class quality services at significantly lower cost
  • Our pricing models are straightforward and easy to understand
  • We have the technical know-how and project management expertise to provide outstanding solutions, always delivered both on time and on budget
  • Our diverse clients and diverse projects give us a wealth of experience
  • Our staff is of high quality, experienced, and has excellent English skills

Client Testimonials

“Migrating our Lotus Notes environment to SharePoint was effortless! The staff has exceeded our every expectation in quality, price, delivery, and technical competence. We succeeded in delivering a solution of high quality and efficient timing. All the above proves that we made the right choice in establishing a team with your offering”

“Flexible, efficient and transparent service with exceptional professionalism and commitment”

“Having you as part of our company over the last three years definitely contributed to our success and growth…”

We continue to enjoy steady growth. If you are interested in experiencing the full benefits of partnering with a company such as ours, don’t wait… Contact us immediately to learn more!