Values and Ethics consistent with the strategy of our company

Our corporate culture is an important aspect of creating winning solutions for you. We want to treat you like family. Our goal is to foster a relationship of trust, and we encourage feedback. We always want to strengthen our relationship with you and ensure we’re maintaining effective communication. We believe in combining our resources with yours, promoting cohesive teams, and making the success of your project as important to us as it is to you. This not only gives us a significant competitive advantage; it motivates us to embrace the challenges of your project.

We want our corporate culture to enable highly effective business operations, assist our employees to be productive and motivated, provide fair value and satisfaction for our clients, and to contribute to the well-being of society.

Commitment to people

We appreciate our exceptionally skilled and experienced workforce, and their job satisfaction is important to us. We want our employees to find their work enjoyable, even inspiring. We foster a positive work environment that promotes team cooperation and recognizes accomplishment. Our success is only possible because of the efforts of our employees, and we create a supportive environment where their contributions are rewarded.

Commitment to clients

At Axeltra, we recognize that positive customer experience becomes a valuable long-lasting relationship.
Our company is driven by your needs. We offer you substantial savings on operational costs, team setup at no cost to you, rapid return on investment, on-time delivery, and continual support.

Commitment to society

We care about the communities in which we operate, actively supporting a wide range of activities and initiatives that promote sustainability, innovation, the well-being of society, and education. We provide technical learning environments, sponsor seminars, and workshops, organize physical fitness lessons, and promote technological solutions for keeping the environment clean and preventing pollution.

Closer to you!

Bridge the cultural differences–retain the benefits

  • We’re culturally compatible with Western countries
  • Excellent language skills (English, French, German…)
  • Our culture is adaptable to each client’s needs. You can create your own culture within your team!
  • Employees can travel to your site
  • You are welcome to visit your team as often as you’d like