At Axeltra, we recognize that what’s important for each project isn’t just delivery on time and within budget, but also meeting the expected business goals and maximizing the return.

We offer you the option of hiring a project manager who’ll plan the overall project development, identify and manage risks, schedule resources, and control and manage the effectiveness of your team. Axeltra’s managers have diverse experience acquired through working with diverse clients, and they’re well-equipped to share the knowledge, tools, and experience to meet all your needs.

You can hire a manager to suit the demands of your project, either short-term or for a longer period. We can provide a full-time project manager for teams larger than fifteen people and a part-time project manager for teams up to fifteen members.

Why hire a project manager?

  • You can focus on your business strategy instead of worrying about IT projects
  • You can depend on on-time delivery of a properly functioning project
  • They will coordinate the project and ensure all milestones are met
  • They will optimize and control the allocation of critical resources
  • They will select team members, coaches them, and improves their skillset
  • They will ensure teamwork, resolves conflicts, and maintains a high level of motivation and satisfaction within the team
  • They will supervise the team and ensures it’s properly allocated
  • They will ensure project goals are met
  • The project manager increases the visibility of the project status, enabling clients to better control their projects through Agile techniques
  • The project manager establishes a balance between demand and supply
  • The project manager manages the overall communication between you and your team

What do our clients say?

“Having an external manager on the team gives us confidence and security in our dedicated team setup.
Axeltra’s manager proved to be able to face all managerial challenges that arose on the way and efficiently support us in timing estimations, scalability and quality assurance”

“Increasing team performance, efficient communication, on-time delivery all due to having a reliable and competent person to support us“