Axeltra offers a professional and modern work environment specially adapted to facilitating smooth client-team collaboration. Our environment ensures comfort, security, and ease of access.
Our offices are located in a business center on the main street in the capital city Skopje, about three kilometers from the city center.

We offer the following support facilities at no additional cost:

  • Conference room
  • Recreational room for gaming and exercising
  • Lounge and cafeteria

Every employee is equipped with a new PC, dual monitors, ergonomic chairs, and desks. We have a fully equipped infrastructure, including audio and video equipment and tools for web collaboration that enable team members to work more closely and efficiently with you. The same high-quality equipment is provided for every member of your Client Exclusive Team or any additional member that joins at a later stage.

A truly inspiring work environment!

A customized workspace for your Client Exclusive Team

To further enable you to build an extended branch of your company within Axeltra, we offer, at an additional cost, workspace customization according to your preferences. We will ensure that you get the lowest quote and the fastest delivery time!