Our company is committed to helping you manage a successful team of developers. We provide full support throughout the process of forming dedicated teams that are an extension of your own company in a remote location. Our competitors may charge inflated amounts, but Axeltra only charges what it really costs! Even better, we have reduced our margin, increasing our developers’ salaries while still providing you with sustainable, cost-effective rates for our dedicated teams. A win-win situation that guarantees you top-notch personnel, affordability, and more predictable expenses than the ones you’d probably incur if you decided to open your own office.

In order to save you time, we are publishing our prices here, giving you an instant overview of what you can expect before we formally start negotiations. Our prices are based on the latest round of interviews conducted for our clients by our HR team. This table is constantly updated to provide you with the most accurate data possible. The prices below include Axeltra’s fee, not just the salary of the developer! There are no hidden expenses.

Position Level Experience Total Monthly
Team Lead Senior 8-12y €3950
Developer Senior 7-10y €3614
Developer Intermediate 3-5y €3048
Quality Assurance Developer Senior 5-8y €2718
Quality Assurance Intermediate 1-3y €2314
Developer  Junior 1y €2112

Note: The prices given are based on the latest round of interviews, in this instance for a Java team. The prices may vary as much as 5-10%, depending on the current market demand for developers and the seniority of the candidates.