Top Reasons to Outsource to Macedonia. Hire software developers in Macedonia.

Nearshore outsourcing to Macedonia is a strategic decision that a large number of companies make, mainly because:

  • It offers a favorable business environment—low labor costs, a highly skilled workforce, and a fresh perspective. As well, there has been a steady growth of the monthly salaries of Macedonian software developers
  • It has the fastest growing ICT market in the Adriatic region
  • Leading multinational hardware and software suppliers (Microsoft, HP, IBM) have local sales and support services
  • A lively network of ICT organizations, research centers, and associations means the country is always up-to-date with the latest global trends
  • Thanks to our excellent ICT universities, we have a highly educated workforce, a large percentage of which has specialized additional technical training
  • Cost-effective labor and we traditionally have a strong work ethic
  • We offer excellent language skills (English, French, German…)
  • Cultural similarity- European culture, European business culture, EU Educated managers

They have chosen Macedonia

Even more reasons why companies should consider nearshore outsourcing to Macedonia

  • EU and NATO candidate country
  • Political, monetary, and financial stability
  • EU Schengen visa which allows a stay for up to ninety days within a six month period in the EU Schengen area
  • Ranked 20th out of 183 economies for ease of paying taxes in 2012 (PwC and the World Bank Group)
  • Ranked as the 4th friendliest country to foreigners (CNN 2013)
  • 22nd out of 183 economies for ease of doing business (World Bank’s Doing Business 2012 Report)
  • A legal system, IPR protection, and laws that are compatible with EU legislation
  • Flat corporate and personal income taxes of 10%
  • VAT at 18%, with 5% on specific items
  • Geographical proximity-two to three-hour flight from most Western European cities, one and a half hour flight from Vienna
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