Home of the largest investors, favorable business environment, strong technical education and deeply rooted history of highly educated professionals in Engineering, Math and Physics make Serbia one of the most attractive Europe destinations for the IT outsourcing business.

Choosing Serbia for a nearshore location in Eastern Europe

  • More than 33% graduates come from the technical universities in Serbia
  • Educated workforce – highly educated professionals in Engineering, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Programming.
  • Serbia offers favorable business conditions, attractive tax incentives, low labor costs and highly skilled and trained IT professionals
  • Leading corporations such as FIAT, Microsoft, BOSCH, Siemens, Panasonic, Telenor, SAP, IBM, Intel, Schneider Electric, STADA and Swarovski have its presence in Serbia
  • Microsoft opened its 4th  development center in the world in Serbia
  • Serbia is home to 1,600 IT Companies employing more than 14,000 people ( KPMG Publication, 2014)
  • Governmental support towards the IT sector (technology parks, investment incentives, incubators and clusters, startup support, export promotion)
  • StartLabs Tech Accelerator was founded in 2013 to connect tech startups from Serbia with experts and investors from the Silicon Valley
  • Legislation with EU standards

Even more reasons why companies should consider doing business in Serbia

  • Serbia’s capital, Belgrade, was named the City of the Future for Southern Europe (fDi Magazine, 2007)
  • EU candidate country
  • Geographical proximity and Western EU time zone (GMT+1)
  • 3 hours flight to most major European cities
  • In 2011, Serbia was the leader in CEE in attracting FDI with €2.2 billion of investments
  • Serbia was one of the countries with the greatest capacity to attract large job-intensive projects (Ernst & Young’s Attractiveness Survey report for 2012 and 2013)
  • Corporate profit tax of 15% and personal income taxes of 10%
  • VAT at 20% with lower rate of 8% for some products
  • Serbia has many famous people who have special significance in the world such as the world major inventor Nikola Tesla, the geophysicist Milutin Milankovic, the tennis pro Novak Djokovic, basketball player Vlade Divac etc.
  • Belgrade is the World`s #1 Ultimate Party City ( Lonely Planet)
  • At the th­ird World Congress of Bottled Water Producers held in Bergamo, Italy, Serbian Voda Voda was declared one of the three top brands in the world among 135 producers from 30 countries.