About Axeltra

Where talent meets opportunity

We Deliver Talent, We Deliver Results.

The Beginning

Starting as an e-commerce solution provider, Axeltra has grown from its humble beginnings in 2004. What began as a project for a library in Geneva, Switzerland, has evolved into an e-commerce platform with over 2000 active users.

The Aftermath

As our client base grew and the diversity of projects increased, our focus shifted from e-commerce to custom software development solutions. Confronting various operational challenges, we gradually transitioned from a product-based company to a fully-fledged custom software development firm with approximately 20 employees.

The Growth

Facing an even greater surge in demand and benefiting from our location in one of Europe’s top software hubs, we focus on two main engagement models: Full Project Outsourcing and Dedicated Teams. This led to international expansion, with new branches opening in various outsourcing hubs across Eastern Europe.

Ignition Hive

In 2024, we launched Ignition Hive, a vibrant coworking community that, beyond offering flexible workspace solutions, provides a full spectrum of business services, including payroll management, recruitment, web design and development, hosting, and digital marketing.


We want to help our customers benefit from the latest in technology, assist you to get your projects running quickly and efficiently, and to do all this cost-effectively. We have envisaged a world without frictions – a world of enabled cross border cooperation. We march towards this goal providing one new high performing team at a time.

Our Core Values

Principles as our compass, objectives as our drive.


Pioneering cutting-edge solutions tailored to unique client needs.


Upholding ethical standards and transparency in every interaction.


Fostering teamwork to harness collective expertise and insights.


Swiftly adapting to industry trends for optimal client outcomes.

Leading firms trust us.

“PayPal has selected Axeltra to develop the Website Payments Pro gateway using the NVP (Name Value Pair) method integration.”


“Publicis has selected Axeltra for its team of SAP e-commerce cloud experts who deliver stunning shopping experience for millions of buyers.”

“Dedicated Team services for a startup platform.”

Empowering Your Digital Journey. One Genius at a Time.

Discover the brilliant minds behind Axeltra’s success and explore opportunities to join our dynamic team. Together, let’s shape the future of digital innovation, one genius at a time.

Unique Challenge Embracing Culture

Here at Axeltra, we embrace the challenges presented to us, seeing them as opportunities to innovate and push beyond the conventional boundaries of the software industry. We are a company of bright, competent individuals empowered to deliver the best for our teams and for you.