.NET Core Development Services


.NET Core is a free, open-source, cross-platform framework developed by Microsoft for building modern, cloud-based web applications on Windows, Linux, and macOS. It’s a redesign of the .NET Framework, optimized for performance and scalability, supporting both web and console applications. In addition to its versatility for web applications, .NET Core is also well-suited for integrated system development, enabling embedded developers to create efficient applications that run across multiple platforms, including embedded systems with resource constraints.

Building High-Performance Web Applications with .NET Core

.NET Core brings together the best of the .NET Framework, with the flexibility and innovations from the open-source community. It features a modular architecture that allows developers to include only the necessary packages, significantly reducing the footprint of web programs and improving performance.

Expert .NET Core Development Services

Web API Development

We specialize in .NET Core for creating powerful Web APIs, enabling secure, scalable, and efficient communication between various software components and services.

Cloud-based Solutions

Leveraging .NET Core’s integration with cloud platforms, we develop cloud-native applications that are optimized for scalability, reliability, and performance in cloud environments.

Microservices Architecture

.NET Core is ideal for microservices architecture, providing the tools and scalability to build and deploy independently manageable modular services that work together to form a comprehensive application.

Cross-platform Applications

Our expertise in .NET Core enables us to build applications that run seamlessly on Windows, Linux, and macOS, offering a consistent experience across all platforms.

Why Partner with Axeltra for .NET Core Development?

Axeltra’s .NET Core development services bring cutting-edge technology solutions to your business, leveraging .NET Core’s performance, scalability, and cross-platform capabilities to deliver robust applications designed to meet your specific needs.

Proven Expertise in .NET Core

Our IT Specialists has extensive experience in .NET Core, staying ahead of technology trends to bring the most efficient and modern solutions to our clients.

Agile and Flexible Development

We employ agile development methodologies, ensuring fast delivery, adaptability to changing requirements, and continuous improvement throughout the project lifecycle.

Focus on Scalability and Performance

Our .NET Core applications are built with scalability and performance in mind, ensuring that your application can grow with your business.

Comprehensive Support and Maintenance

Beyond development, we provide ongoing consulting, support and maintenance to ensure the longevity and reliability of your .NET Core applications.

The .NET Core Ecosystem: Libraries and Tools


ASP.NET Core is a high-performance, open-source framework for building modern, cloud-enabled, internet-connected web applications.

Entity Framework Core

Entity Framework Core is a lightweight, extensible, and cross-platform version of Entity Framework, providing data access technology for .NET Core applications.

Blazor for WebAssembly

Blazor allows UI/UX developers to build interactive web UIs using C# instead of JavaScript, running client-side the browser on WebAssembly.

.NET Core CLI Tools

The .NET Core Command Line Interface (CLI) tools provide a powerful set of commands for developing, building, running, and publishing .NET Core applications.

Empowering Applications with .NET Core

How it Works

We are committed to supplying top engineering talent and substantial support, ensuring your work aligns with your project plan, goals, and delivery schedule.

FAQs on .NET Core Development

.NET Core is chosen for its cross-platform capabilities, allowing developers to build and deploy applications on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Its performance, scalability, and support for microservices and cloud-native development make it an ideal choice for modern web applications.

.NET Core supports microservices architecture through its lightweight and modular nature, which is perfect for building independently deployable and scalable services. It integrates seamlessly with Docker containers, facilitating easier development, testing, and deployment of microservices.

Yes, .NET Core applications can run on any platform. .NET Core is specifically designed as a cross-platform framework, enabling applications to run on Windows, Linux, and macOS without any modifications to the code.
Entity Framework Core offers benefits like reduced development time due to its powerful data access capabilities, the ability to work with a variety of databases, and its support for LINQ queries, migrations, and a code-first approach that simplifies database management.

ASP.NET Core is a part of .NET Core that specifically focuses on web application development. While .NET Core includes the overall framework and runtime for building various types of applications, ASP.NET Core provides the tools and libraries for building web applications and services.

Blazor is attractive for web developers (frontend developers and backend developers) because it allows them to use C# instead of JavaScript to build interactive web UIs. This enables developers familiar with .NET to leverage their existing skills for web development, and it integrates seamlessly with the .NET ecosystem.

Yes, .NET Core is suitable for high-performance computing applications. Its performance optimizations, asynchronous programming model, and efficient memory management make it capable of handling computationally intensive tasks and processing large volumes of data efficiently.
.NET Core ensures application security through built-in features such as authentication and authorization, data protection APIs, CORS support, and anti-forgery tokens. It also follows secure coding practices and has a built-in dependency injection container to reduce security vulnerabilities.