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Build Your Nearshore Dedicated Team: Engage Software Developers or other technical professionals via our NO INITIAL COST outsourcing model, boasting a 100% success rate. ​

What is a Dedicated Team?

A dedicated team is a model where skilled professionals are assembled to work exclusively on your project, acting as an extension of your in-house staff. This approach provides focused expertise, consistent collaboration, and a deep understanding of your project’s goals.

This team, which can include developers, quality assurance testers, project managers, or other roles, is exclusively assigned and managed by you, often working in close collaboration with your Product Owner. Our capacity to form and operate your nearshore development team spans various experience levels, technologies, and areas of expertise, all at a cost-effective rate compared to our competitors.

Focused Expertise

Team members are specifically chosen for their skills relevant to your project, ensuring a high level of expertise.


You can scale the team up or down based on the project requirements, offering great flexibility in resource management.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Since the team is employed by us, there’s less administrative overhead for you compared to expanding your in-house team.

Better Collaboration

As an extension of your in-house team, the dedicated team can collaborate closely with your staff, fostering better communication and teamwork.

Control and Management

You have direct control and management over the team, aligning their work closely with your business objectives and project goals.

Access to a Diverse Skill Sets

Dedicated teams offer a range of skills and experiences, providing you with a broad spectrum of technological and project management expertise.

How it Works

We are committed to supplying top engineering talent and substantial support, ensuring your work aligns with your project plan, goals, and delivery schedule.

Step 1.


We begin by thoroughly understanding your project's needs and creating detailed job descriptions. Our talent acquisition team then sources candidates through diverse channels, rigorously screening and shortlisting them based on the required skill sets. The process involves comprehensive interviews and technical assessments to ensure we select the best candidates, followed by thorough reference checks to confirm their qualifications and professional history.

Step 2.

Team Onboarding

Your outsourced development team becomes a cohesive part of your internal workforce, aligning with your company's methodologies. They coordinate directly under your project management, follow your established internal procedures, and engage using your preferred communication tools, mirroring the dynamics of your existing in-house team.

Step 3.

Ongoing Support

Our HR team helps you easily change your team's size or skills as your project grows. They also keep track of performance, handle HR needs on the spot, and use strategies to keep your team motivated and focused.

Simple Pricing & Full Transparency

Our simple pricing formula is a unique value proposition that you will not find with any of our competitors. Our transparent model allows you to fully control the cost of your team.

We negotiate the salaries with each team member on your behalf and ensure that you obtain fair market prices. Best of all, we let you know the exact salary of each team member.

Reasons to Choose Axeltra

We’ve successfully formed and operate over 30 dedicated teams of software developers for our clients, showcasing our expertise in team management.

Our locations are ideally situated for working with European mainland, UK, and Ireland, with just a 1.5-hour flight from Vienna.

Adherence to EU Intellectual Property Laws, share western culture and values, and boast EU-educated managers.

Enjoy the scalability of starting with just one developer and the flexibility to adjust team size with a 30-day notice and a 14-day trial period.

With a decade of strong relationships with companies across Europe and the USA, our consultants are proficient in English and experienced in international business.

We possess the ability to assemble proficient teams in various technologies tailored to our clients’ requirements. With the expertise of our Python, Java and DevOps professionals, we’ve established teams specialized in enterprise platforms like SAP Hybris, Sitecore, MS Dynamics, and have successfully developed over 300 mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms.

Get started within a week and up to a month depending on the complexity of your project with no initial investments or upfront payments.

Benefit from our advanced infrastructure, enabling a swift start-up time and access to a wide array of developer resources.

Our nearshore teams adapt to your company’s policies and standards, functioning as an integral part of your organization.

Experience significant savings of 60-70% in labor fees and 15-25% compared to Eastern European competitors.

Our HR team’s market insights and recruitment policies ensure a perfect match between client needs and developer expertise.

Typical team member profiles for dedicated teams.

Hire QA Engineers

Ensuring software reliability and performance through rigorous testing protocols.


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