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VFX studio blends creativity and technology to create stunning visual effects, specializing in 3D animation, CGI, and motion design for captivating cinematic experiences.

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The Challenge

A VFX studio from the USA aimed to deliver a superior visual experience for their movie client. During a period of scarcity of experienced artists skilled in 3D effects, animation, motion design, and knowledgeable in the CGI pipeline using Maya and Nuke, they found Axeltra to be the ideal partner. Axeltra offered experienced editors and artists familiar with the VFX environment and understanding of 3D animation. Additionally, these services were provided at considerably lower costs while maintaining the same quality as hiring similar resources in the USA.

In the absence of a large locally based CGI industry we used an opportunity to acquire the layover staff from a company that decided to cease operations due to restructuring. A lot of experts suddenly became available on the market but integrating them with a new client might prove difficult to execute. This made for an expeditious CG/3D artist team formation to be made possible and assured the studio that outsourcing a VFX team was the right strategy of choice.

What did
Axeltra do

An effective collaboration formed between Axeltra’s team and the VFX Studio team. The teams closely worked with the Art Director, the VFX Supervisor, and the animators from the American VFX Studio to develop efficient animation pipelines and create high-quality character designs. They also tested the accuracy of visual effects and adjusted lighting as necessary.

The expanded team focused on delivering a 3D environment that brought the movie to life, creating thousands of visual effects and entirely CG photo-real scenes of explosions, bombings, facial expressions, anatomical visuals, and enhancing characters’ faces while ensuring the highest level of detail, consistency, and accuracy in every shot.

The project progressed smoothly, staying on schedule, meeting the planned design concept, and delivering the movie’s authenticity to the greatest effect.

Strategy implemented

  • The client selected candidate profiles for interviews.
  • A flexible contract was signed, allowing a one-month trial period with the artists, with the option for replacement if the client was not satisfied with their work.
  • The following production team was chosen:
    • 2 Senior CG Artists with strong animation skills capable of delivering full CG effects, modeling, UV layouts, texturing.
    • 2 Senior 3D Animators with expertise in 3D Studio Max and Maya, responsible for lighting, match-moving, and final rendering of CG elements.
    • 1 Intermediate MatchMove and RotoScoping Artist experienced in Nuke, Maya animation, 3D Equalizer, compositing, and rotoscoping.

The Results

The project was completed on schedule and within the allocated budget, much to the satisfaction of the client. The live-action performance in the movie and the high quality of work delivered by the team were particularly commended. Breathtaking imagery was crafted, with thousands of CG elements and visual effects successfully integrated. The client’s satisfaction with these outcomes led to the signing of a new contract with our team for their future projects.
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