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SEV is the exclusive energy supplier for the Faroe Islands. As the island’s sole source of energy, SEV is tasked with ensuring that its energy production is both sustainable and efficient. To achieve this, they utilize hydropower and wind power, which together account for 45% of the island’s energy needs. SEV holds the exclusive rights to produce hydroelectricity and operates nine large and seven smaller hydroelectric plants. A key aspect of maintaining efficient energy output is the precise measurement of all processes. In 2010, we partnered with SEV to develop a solution that enabled them to monitor and measure energy production across all their power plants. In 2012, aiming to boost customer confidence, SEV decided to further refine their energy usage tracking system.

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The Challenge

The original information provided by SEV to their customers about energy consumption was limited to the total amount due on their monthly bill. SEV aimed to give their customers more comprehensive information, including a detailed breakdown of energy usage over different time periods.

Axeltra’s diverse team, including business analysts, developers (back-end and front-end developers), and architects, thoroughly assessed the requirements and devised a plan for the system’s design, data modeling, and functionality. This plan took into account the potential for future modifications, upgrades, and expansion to mobile device platforms. As the team expanded to include experts in mobile development and UI/UX designers, the primary objective was to develop an online system capable of accurately measuring energy consumption and displaying the data in real time.

What did
Axeltra do

The web-based solution for monitoring energy consumption was successfully adapted for mobile platforms, offering:

  • SEV Mobile FAM for iOS/Android: This app provides a statistical representation of electricity consumption data, enabling users to track usage and costs over various time periods.
  • iPad App: Integrated with SEV’s internal system, this application allows the entry of electricity production data in offline mode, which syncs with the server once internet access is available.

Strategy Implemented:

  • Data Visualization: Graphical representation of data through intuitive charts.
  • Reporting Capabilities: Generation of detailed reports for comprehensive analysis.
  • Customizable Data Views: Options to view energy consumption data by specific days or over selected date ranges.
  • Comparative Analysis: Tools to compare energy consumption across different time periods for better understanding and optimization

The Results

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