Full-time or Part-time Project Manager

Maximizing Project Success with Expert Management

At Axeltra, we understand that the true measure of a project’s success extends beyond timely and budget-compliant delivery. Achieving the anticipated business objectives and maximizing return on investment stand as our primary goals.
We provide the option to engage a project manager dedicated to orchestrating the development process, managing risks, allocating resources efficiently, and optimizing your team’s performance. Our managers boast a wealth of experience garnered from diverse client engagements, equipped with the knowledge, tools, and expertise to fulfill your project requirements comprehensively.

Whether your project demands short-term oversight or long-term guidance, we offer tailored managerial support. For teams exceeding fifteen members, a full-time project manager is available, while smaller teams up to fifteen can benefit from a part-time project manager.

The Advantages of Hiring a Project Manager

  • Focus on strategic business objectives without the operational burden of IT project management
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery of fully functional projects
  • Seamless coordination ensuring milestone achievement
  • Optimized resource allocation and critical resource management
  • Team composition, coaching, and skill enhancement leadership
  • Enhanced team dynamics through conflict resolution and motivation strategies
  • Comprehensive team supervision and resource allocation
  • Assurance of meeting project goals
  • Increased project visibility for improved client control via Agile methodologies
  • Maintained balance between project demands and resources
  • Streamlined communication between the client and the development team

Client Testimonials

“Incorporating an external manager into our team structure brought a newfound sense of confidence and security. Axeltra’s project manager adeptly navigated through all managerial challenges, providing crucial support in timing estimations, scalability, and quality assurance.”

“The presence of a knowledgeable and reliable manager significantly boosted team performance, ensured effective communication, and guaranteed on-time project delivery.”

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