National award for implementing best employee practices in 2013

Axeltra received a national award for implementing Best Practices for Employees in 2013. The award, part of a project organized by the National Coordinating Body on Corporate Social Responsibility, is co-financed by the European Union and implemented by the Ministry of Economy in partnership with the Business Confederation of Macedonia. The aim of these awards is to promote positive practices of socially responsible activities of companies in the country, inspiring further promotion and implementation of social responsibility.

As a company operating in the knowledge-intensive industry, we understand that attracting and retaining the best employees is paramount. We have dedicated our efforts to creating a workplace that not only attracts talent but also fosters fair treatment and equal opportunities for personal and career development. Our strategies include mentorship and coaching, flexible working practices, direct employee involvement in decision-making, and activities that enhance well-being, all contributing to an environment that promotes choice, progress, and guaranteed continuous development and career progression.

The initiative to reinforce the employee’s role as central to the corporation’s activities began as a modest project but has grown over the years into a unique and new approach for both our company and our employees. We have succeeded in keeping our employees satisfied, productive, and motivated towards organizational commitment.

This recognition serves as an incentive to continue our efforts and activities in supporting and improving employee development.

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