Partnership with MaxMind

Boston, MA, and Skopje, Macedonia, August 04, 2009. Axeltra (formerly Amplecom), a leading ColdFusion e-commerce shopping cart platform used by thousands of online merchants and ColdFusion developers, and MaxMind, a leading provider of IP geolocation and fraud detection solutions, today announced a partnership aimed at helping customers reduce fraud levels in e-commerce site transactions. The partnership demonstrates MaxMind and Axeltra’s continued commitment to improving the safety and security of online shopping.

As part of the agreement, Axeltra has integrated MaxMind, with its minFraud fraud detection solution, into its standard release, complementing and enhancing the existing internal fraud-screening controls. MaxMind’s fraud detection can be utilized to evaluate credit card transactions not covered by 3-D Secure, as well as PayPal transactions.

“The integration of a tool such as MaxMind Fraud Protection allows us to concentrate on the development of the core functionalities of our e-commerce software while providing a bulletproof solution to our customers and developers,” says the CEO of Axeltra. “MinFraud will provide tremendous value.”

“We are excited to broaden our workforce with Axeltra. They have developed a robust e-commerce solution on the ColdFusion platform,” said Ed Lin, Business Development Manager. “Through the partnership, their customers will have access to our proven fraud detection tool without additional integration work needed.”

About Us

We are one of the fastest-growing e-commerce software vendors and e-commerce solution providers in Europe. ampleShop™ is a complete e-commerce solution and e-commerce framework based on Adobe ColdFusion server technology. It’s one of the most popular e-commerce software packages among ColdFusion developers.

About MaxMind

Founded in 2002, MaxMind is an industry-leading provider of geolocation and online fraud detection tools. By accurately pinpointing the location of Internet customers and visitors by country, geographic region, even down to the granular detail of the city, and all in real-time, MaxMind enables online businesses to localize content, deliver geo-targeted ads, perform site traffic analysis, manage digital rights, ensure regulatory compliance, and detect fraud.

MaxMind’s minFraud service is a transparent and customizable fraud detection solution for online businesses that accept customer-not-present transactions. By combining IP authentication with other order variable checks, the minFraud service offers a collaborative and dynamic fraud protection solution through the minFraud Network, which currently consists of thousands of e-commerce businesses. MaxMind is headquartered in Boston, MA, and is privately held. For more information, visit, or send an email to

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