Peak Resources

When to use Peak Resources?

Our solution for that short-term labor-intensive project—Peak Resources will address all your current demands.
Approximately 70% of our clients have tried it, succeeded with it, and were thrilled with the results!
If you need employees working in your home office, we also offer relocation services.

  • Development needs on a short-term basis…
  • Urgently needed expertise…
  • A lack of specialized skills on your existing team…

What can Peak Resources offer you?

  • Short-term and temporary needs
  • A large pool of different experts for different technologies and platforms, all available on short notice
  • An agile/Scrum-driven environment
  • Fast response—we provide you with the CVs you request within hours or days
  • You can hire a specialist within ten days
  • Almost no paperwork—just an NDA and a one-page agreement
  • You’ll know what you’re paying for, and our hourly rates are very affordable
  • There’s no long-term commitment; the contract is terminated when the required tasks have been completed

Why use Peak Resources?

  • Eliminate delivery risk for your critical applications. Highly skilled senior developers can find solutions to your most perplexing problems or provide coaching for your team.
  • Provide short-term specialized skills. We can supply you with IT specialists whose expertise and skills are required only for certain phases of the project development cycle.
  • Help to meet deadlines. When project completion dates start slipping, hiring freelance IT resources will help you get your project back on track.
  • Provide temporary assistance. Hiring temporary IT resources can keep your team functioning efficiently while you recruit full-time specialists.

Choose the resources you need

  • Software developers
  • Project managers
  • QA engineers
  • Graphic designers
  • System engineers/system architects
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