Currently, the IT employment market is highly competitive, making it difficult to find highly qualified candidates. However, our recruitment experience, reputation, and network connections enable us to almost always find the perfect match. Regardless of the technology or experience level you require, our recruitment procedures enable us to find you the best candidates.

The IT business in Macedonia has steadily grown for the past decade and a half. Macedonia traditionally boasts a strong technical education system, producing many high-quality graduates each year, ready for further education and training in a working environment until they reach the maturity and seniority level required for the global market. Although Axeltra primarily hires senior and intermediate level developers for its customers, our internship program targets early talent detection with an option of retaining candidates within the company, where they undergo a two-year integration program working on an internal project.

Why Form a Client Exclusive Team with Axeltra?

Axeltra’s flexible Client Exclusive Team model suits clients who want to retain 100% control of the work done at the remote location, have the capacity to manage a remote team, and need strategic expansion in a nearshore location to achieve savings in labor and infrastructure costs or to access qualified employees that are hard to attract in their markets.

High Standards – Global Aspirations

  • Experience working with highly qualified clients
  • Strong local and global reputation
  • Excellent networking connections and recruitment experience to connect you to the best talent from diverse domains and expertise
  • Know-how and best practices in working with remote teams
  • Value-based offering to avoid the overhead of recruiting and maintaining infrastructure
  • Flexible contracts are available, with commitment periods as short as thirty days

How It Works

  • CLIENT: You specify the required technical skill set, seniority level, role to be filled, and start date.
  • AXELTRA: Our recruitment team undertakes the search free of charge, presents you with a list of suitable candidates, determines availability and salary expectations, and conducts initial interviews, including technical and personality tests.
  • CLIENT: You perform additional interviews with potential candidates via Skype video conferencing or at Axeltra’s offices.
  • AXELTRA: Based on your decisions, we hire candidates. We manage HR administration, legal issues, working conditions, and welfare of the team, providing best practices and ad hoc HR, conducting performance evaluations, managing attendance, and ensuring your employees’ performance meets your expectations.

Why It Works

  • Highly qualified employees selected by you
  • Zero setup costs
  • Team directed and managed by you, adjusting to your working methods
  • Complete flexibility and enabled agile methodology with scrum techniques
  • Immediate access to high-end technology resources, collaboration/communication tools, and infrastructure
  • Ensured maximum working conditions and a positive business atmosphere
  • Continuous network connectivity
  • Project status reports, covering all tasks, workload, sick days, vacations, etc.
  • Incentive plans in accordance with your compensation system
  • Performance evaluation on a project basis

Recruitment Sources

  • Axeltra’s Database: An extensive database of candidates enables us to match your requirements with appropriate skills and experience.
  • Social Network Communities: Our presence on social networks enables fast and responsive candidate contact for each skill and seniority.
  • Internet Advertising: Regular job postings on job search sites and popular technology sites.
  • IT Events and Educational Workshops: Active sponsorship of educational workshops and IT events to recruit talented minds and increase brand awareness.
  • Axeltra’s CV Recruitment System: A robust system for managing candidate profiles, resulting in faster hiring processes and candidate tracking.

Our service model ensures the lowest cost and risk and provides the fastest method of establishing your own Exclusive Team.

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