Admir Beciragic

Admir Beciragic, CEO and Founder of Axeltra, is a global entrepreneur. He began his career in Switzerland, where he studied at the Business School Lausanne. His IT career commenced when he won a contract to develop an online catalog for a Swiss bookstore, which he later transformed into a full-fledged e-commerce site. This site became one of the early high-exposure sites in Switzerland. 

Following the success of this project, and after completing two similar projects, Beciragic moved to Macedonia. There, he dedicated his time and resources to building the proprietary e-commerce platform, ampleShop. This platform became a de facto standard within the ColdFusion developer community, boasting more than 2000 implementations in five years.

As the market shifted towards the development of customized solutions and leveraging domain expertise, his company, now known as Axeltra, broadened its offerings to include a diverse range of services in business software application development. As Axeltra grew, its business model evolved to meet the new challenges posed by its largest client base, the software companies of Western Europe. Axeltra implemented a new set of managerial instruments catering to the needs of this customer segment, minimizing overhead charges and safeguarding customer core competencies. Axeltra’s Client Exclusive Team model allows software companies to manage their teams transparently, maintain their core competence, and benefit from Axeltra’s insider knowledge of operating remote teams.

With a background in managerial economics and extensive expertise in the IT sector, Beciragic possesses the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate Axeltra through the ever-changing IT market. He ensures that Axeltra consistently upholds the best business practices and embraces the latest technology, keeping it competitive, innovative, and always a step ahead of the competition.

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