Administrative and Payroll Services

Our HR section establishes and manages all employment policies and administrative services, such as payroll services, performance measurement, and evaluation, allowing you to focus on your core business processes.

NDA (Non-disclosure agreement)

Your confidentiality is guaranteed from the moment our business relationship is established. We have a formal agreement through which the parties agree not to disclose any company-owned confidential information, such as programming code, innovative processes, or financial information. About:Intellectual Property Protection

Cooperation Agreement

Our Cooperation Agreement addresses all of the operational procedures, from team formation to payment obligations for services provided. Here are some of the highlights from the Cooperation Agreement dealing with the Client Exclusive Team and its individual members:
  • Trial period: The Client has a one month trial period to evaluate the team member.
  • Dismissal notice:
    • 14 calendar days’ notice is required for a dismissal within the trial period.
    • 30 calendar days’ notice is required for dismissal after the trial period.
    • A maximum of 7 employees may be dismissed per month. Three months’ notice is required to terminate all team members.
    • If the consultant is absent for any reason for more than 21 working days in a row, the client is entitled to terminate the agreement with this consultant with 14 days written notice. (Axeltra only bills for NET development hours – therefore the client does not pay for the consultant during his absence)
  • Interview: The client is entitled to carry out his own interviews and tests with the candidate before selection.
  • Tax laws: We take care of conformance to Macedonian law regarding salary, daily allowances, compensation for on-site consultations, bonuses, and the submission of annual income to the tax authorities.
  • Salary: The salary an employee receives is in accordance with Macedonian wage laws. We review salaries several times a year. When applicable, we adjust the salary based on the client’s satisfaction level.
  • Workweek: 40 hours a week, Monday to Friday, 09:00-17:00, with half an hour lunch break.
  • Vacation: Each employee is entitled to 20 working days of vacation per year, but only 12 business days in a single leave. The client is the one who approves the vacation request in direct consultation with the team member.
  • Sick leave: We will not bill the client for an employee’s sick leave. We will deduct the hours spent in sick leave from the invoice. Should an employee be absent for more than 21 working days in a row, the client is entitled to terminate the agreement with this employee with 14 days written notice.
  • Public holidays: The client must understand that the employee doesn’t work on our public holidays, but works on the client’s national holidays. A list of our holidays, updated every year, is on our official website.

Additional services at client preference

  • Performance bonus: When we agree with the client regarding an employee’s effort, bonus incentives are given individually or for the overall team’s contribution.
  • Overtime hours: The client can ask the employee for overtime; however, the client is responsible for compensation for the overtime hours.
  • Casual Leave: When an employee takes days off this needs to be approved by the client and the time is deducted from the annual vacation days.

ERP software

  • Our internal accounting system to deal with accounts and invoicing
  • Payment is to be made on a monthly basis, based on 160 working hours per month, within 14 days from the date of invoice
  • If an employee works fewer hours than the sum invoiced, the extra funds charged are deducted from the next invoice
  • Our system includes project status reports, including all project progress, tasks, and workload
  • We track working days, public holidays, sick days, vacation planning, and time in/out
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