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Seer AS, established in 2010, is a Norwegian IT company specializing in Microsoft software development, focusing on MS Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Windows Intune, and Windows Mobile. They deliver outstanding solutions to public and private sector organizations in areas like project management, course and event management, HR management, fleet management, and document management.

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The Challenge

In today’s world, people are more empowered and informed than ever, making customer satisfaction crucial. Competitors are ready to step in if you falter. Seer, addressing this challenge, delivers CRM solutions that help clients thrive. 

Despite needing skilled MS Dynamics CRM developers for their active development environment, Seer initially struggled to find qualified candidates, relying solely on internal hires. They were yet to discover the affordable, high-quality local market resources.

What did
Axeltra do

We approached Seer with a proposal for CRM development outsourcing, offering to form a dedicated, Client Exclusive Team with Axeltra. Initially hesitant due to their lack of experience in external sourcing, Seer’s concerns were allayed after understanding our flexible delivery model. They were particularly persuaded by the prospect of having an integral team, that would be directly-managed part of their company. Therefore, they decided to start with two part-time CRM developers and one part-time QA engineer, considering future expansion. The negotiated agreement included:

  • A contract proposal with clear guidelines on communication flow, team ownership, pricing, and administrative/legal issues.
  • A highly educated, skilled, and English-proficient team, ready to start within two weeks.
  • One intermediate CRM developer with two years of experience under the guidance of a senior CRM developer.
  • One senior CRM developer with three years of experience, initially part-time due to prior commitments.
  • One QA analyst to ensure code quality and solution integrity.
  • Initial recruitment and interviewing by Axeltra, with final interviews conducted by Seer’s managers via Skype.
  • Direct client interaction handled by Seer’s onsite project and business managers.
  • Seer’s project managers oversaw the dedicated team’s work, while Axeltra ensured team wellbeing and infrastructural support and consulting.  
  • Communication facilitated through Skype and Gmail.
  • Contract flexibility, allowing for a trial period and potential replacement of team members.”

The Results

After the initial team launch, Seer expanded their team by adding another senior CRM developer. This dynamic and skilled team consistently delivered stable, error-free solutions within the set timelines, adapting quickly to any changes and surpassing client expectations. Their high level of satisfaction led to Seer further expanding their collaboration, fully integrating their development team with Axeltra.

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