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Novel approach to outsourcing- Keep your core competence inhouse!

The only sustainable outsourcing model that
guarantees success with zero start up investment!

A fully transparent approach based on a simple pricing formula

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Keep your Core Competence In-house

Axeltra is a proven expert in forming and operating Client Exclusive Teams. A Client Exclusive Team is an extension of your company staff in a remote location. Hosted by Axeltra, the team is assigned to you exclusively and managed by you allowing you to retain your core competence in house and outsource only the non-essential tasks such as team formation, payroll, infrastructure etc. We have the capacity to form and operate Client Exclusive Teams with any experience level, technology, and line of expertise, and all at a fraction of the cost that our competitors charge.

The Client Exclusive Team model is best suited for companies in need of long-term strategic staff augmentation in a low-cost region, or for companies having difficulty finding qualified employees in their local markets. By working with us, companies avert a great deal of the risk of opening and operating offices on their own in regions where they have little or no previous experience. With us, companies can gain instant access to a highly skilled pool of developers, and can also benefit from our know-how in team formation and management–all with zero initial investment.

Our unique business model and operational methodology has been perfected through years of experience in managing remote teams. We constantly adapt to your evolving needs and to the shifting global economic landscape.

Because we use established best practices in forming and operating Client Exclusive Teams, your team will become an integral part of your own staff in no time. At the same time, your team will benefit from being part of a larger community of developers. This is proven to have a positive effect on the overall performance of your team, lowering the attrition rate and providing your employees with a positive work environment that encourages knowledge sharing and presents greater career advancement opportunities.


Transparent, Flexible and aimed at sustainable growth

A fully transparent pricing method formula

INVOICE = Developer Salary + Tax + Our Fee

Our simple pricing formula is a unique value proposition that you will not find with any of our competitors. By letting you scale your team, negotiate salaries directly and revealing all of the actual costs connected with the developers we allow you a fully control the costs. We will never charge you for any overheads that usually arise when working with developers. It is important to understand that we do not charge you more to cover these situations–we are so confident in the performance of our employees that we simply take such risks ourselves and in this ways protect you from situations you can’t control.

Our policies ensure that you will not only benefit from lower prices, but a great deal of the risk of managing unforeseen situations is transferred to us. This eliminates the most important challenge of operating a remote team–managing uncertainty.


A farcry from traditional outsourcing methods this model allows you to own a development team without the hassles and of the everyday opperations


    A fully transparent pricing method based on the formula:
    INVOICE = Developer Salary + Tax + Our Fee


    A nearshore location. Macedonia is in the same time zone as Germany, Switzerland, and Norway. 1+ hour from the UK and Ireland and within a one hour and thirty minutes flight from Vienna.


    Macedonia, an Associated EU Member country bound by EU Intellectual Property Laws. We share a similar western culture and values and have EU educated managers.


    Scalability: start with only one developer and gradually increase your staff (if needed); Flexible contracting with 30 days notice to remove or replace a team member with 14 days trial period.


    For the past ten years, we’ve had strong long-term customer relationships with companies from Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, UK and USA. Our consultants have excellent written and spoken English


    We have formed and operate teams for a number of enterprise technologies: Hybris, Sitecore, and the MS Dynamics family of products. More than 300 mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms in stores.


    Rapid start up time of one to three months with zero initial investment. Select from our large pool of resources and pinpoint a candidate profile by exact set of skills and years of experience.


    Professional data center services are included, on demand QA services, peak resources and part-time project managers to supplement your team available.


    Adaptation to your company policies and standards and acquisition of domain knowledge of your products and services–your nearshore team will function as an integral part of your company.


    60-70% savings in labor fees alone compared to other countries.

    15-25% savings compared to working with competitors in other Eastern European locations such as the Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria…


Learn how we can work together to fit your immediate business needs.


Clear and easy process from the initial contact to the formation of your nearshore dedicated development team

1. Perfect match between client and developer
After having formed more than 30 teams for our clients we are in unique position to understand your specific needs no matter how complex they may be. Our HR team has unique insight into current market rates, our retention and recruitment policies always in synch with the latest trends of the developers.

2. What are the Benefits?
From the ability to scale your team on the basis of your needs to the availability of peak resources to fulfill your immediate project request that are not your core competence Axeltra offers you an unmatched flexibility as your outsourcing partner. Read our case studies to learn more about us from the experience of the clients close to you.

3. No hidden fees
Your team will operate in a modern work environment and without any extra charges above the nominal Axeltra fee charged per developer on top of the salary. This transparent approach is the cornerstone of our model where you as an expert in your area concentrate only on the technical aspect of team management and leave everything else to us.

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