Imagine this scenario: your project has been going exceptionally well, then suddenly you lose the most talented person on your team. Of course, you have the option of filling that role with another employee. However, that means additional time, cost, and training… and you’ll be putting your reputation at risk.

That’s where we can help. We’ll make it possible for you to focus on your most important priorities while we take control of the hiring and retention process.

Talent means everything to us. We dedicate our resources to matching the most outstanding talents with opportunities worthy of their talent. We design and develop retention-based plans to provide synergy and exceptional employee loyalty. We employ the best retention practices for eliminating high employee turnover. We bring years of experience, helping you keep that outstanding talent on your team and eradicating the problem of employee attrition.

In cooperation with you, we offer the following services:

  • Employee performance assessments
  • Performance incentives
  • Retention incentives
  • Compensation benefits
  • Individual and team bonus incentives
  • Overtime contributions

We don’t wait for project completion to recognize an employee’s work. Instead, we observe and measure small but important contributions throughout the duration of the project, providing rewards and encouraging future endeavors. Our retention services offer fair and flexible incentive programs that don’t exploit employees, but acknowledge good performers for their contributions, motivate poor performers to improve, and offer opportunities for everyone to excel.

How do we evaluate employee performance? We design and develop a program customized for each client’s needs. Our assessment techniques include:

  • 360-degree feedback – Analysis of successes and failures through multi-source feedback
  • An open-question dialog format – Analysis of the reasons in cases of poor performance, work division satisfaction, required skills for professional and personal development, and expectations for pay improvement

How does it work? The employee completes his or her own self-assessment, which is then compared with confidential feedback from colleagues and on-site and off-site managers. This performance appraisal helps us identify performance and communication problems. It encourages collaboration, dialogue, productivity, integrity, and high-quality work. After performing an analysis, we focus our time and resources on maximizing the quality of work, encouraging further development, improving identified problems, and preventing future problems. You are provided with data to assist you in evaluating work performance. You can offer employees incentives based on their contribution to the project and to the team.

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